The Rt. Hon. The Lord David Hacking

Position:  Chartered Arbitrator, Accredited Mediator, Barrister-at-Law and Member of Littleton Chambers, The Temple.  London, England
Education:  B.A. and M.A., Clare College, Cambridge University (B.A. 1961, M.A. 1968); the Inns of Court School of Law (Harmsworth Major Entrance Exhibitioner 1960 and Astbury Scholar 1963 of the Middle Temple)
ADR Experience: Appointed as Arbitrator by ICC, ICDR (AAA), LCIA, GAFTA, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Hungarian Court of Arbitration; Appointed as Mediator by the AAA. Member of the ICDR, LCIA, SIAC (Singapore), RCAKL (Kuala Lumpur) and GAFTA (London) International Arbitration Panels. Over 140 Arbitration Awards issued since joining Littleton Chambers in January 2000.
General Experience: Barrister-at-Law, England and Wales; Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales; member of Bar of the State of New York; member, IBA, ABA and Law Society of England and Wales; in legal practice since 1964 (including 1975-79 in New York); actively involved in the House of Lords in reform of English Arbitration law
Miscellaneous: Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators and the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, Member of the AAA, the LCIA, the CEDR (Centre for Dispute Resolution), ADR Chambers, the LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association), GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association), the Council of Indian Arbitration, the Swiss Arbitrations Association, and the Society of Construction Arbitrators.
Publications: "Arbitration Law Reform: The Impact of the UNCITRAL Model Law on the English Arbitration Act 1996," The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Vol. 63 No 4 (November 1997); "Towards More Cost Effective Arbitration (with Michael Schneider)," International Bar Association Newsletter 'Arbitration and ADR', Vol. 3 No 1 (April 1998); "The Effective Arbitrator," International Arbitration Law Review, Vol 1 No 7 (November 1998); "Ethics, Elitism, Eligibility: A Response - What Happens If the Icelandic Arbitrator Falls Through the Ice?" Journal of International Arbitration, Vol 15 No 4 (December 1998); "Arbitration Law Reform in Europe," The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Vol. 65 No 6 (June 2000); Delivering Results: Dispute Resolution in London," The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Vol. 66 No 3 (August 2000); "The Case Against Arbitration Ex-parte Interim Relief," American Arbitration Association Dispute Resolution Journal (August 2003); “Arbitration Challenges: Theirs is to Reason Why”: Global Arbitration Review Vol 1 Issue 6 (December 2006); “GAFTA and the Legal Profession”: GAFTAWORLD Issue 165 (April 2007); “Can Mediation Become International?” IBA Mediation Newsletter Vol 3 No 2 (Dec 2007); "The 23rd Edition of 'Russell on Arbitration": International Law Review, Vol 11 Issue 5 (October 2008).
Additional Resource:  Web Site