John H. Morrison CV


2550 Princeton Ave
Evanston, IL 60201-4941
(847) 869-5950
Fax: (847) 869-6993


Kirkland & Ellis -- Chicago (1962-99):
  Principal Areas of Practice:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Antitrust Litigation and Counseling
General Business Litigation and Counseling

  Retired: January 31, 1999
Alternative Dispute Resolution (see also Supplemental Resumé):
  College of Commercial Arbitrators (Fellow, 2004- )
  ICC International Court of Arbitration
    ICC International Dispute Resolution: Insights into Practice and Procedure (2003)
  London Court of International Arbitration (1995)
    LCIA/AAA International Arbitration Seminar and Symposium in Miami (1998)
LCIA Symposium at Tylney Hall (UK) (2000)
LCIA Symposium in Coral Gables (2001)
LCIA Symposium in Durban, South Africa (2002)
  American Arbitration Association (individual member and law firm representative 1991-98)
    Member, Commercial Arbitration Panel (1968-2002)
      Neutrals Retreat (Arbitrator I Training) (Orlando) (1998)
Central Case Management Center, Administrative Issues Training (2001)
Arbitrator II Training (Seattle) (2002)
    Member, International Panel of Arbitrators (1997-2002)
      International Arbitrator Training (Harvard Law School) (1994)
Member, Asia/Pacific Center Panel of Arbitrators (1995)
International Arbitrator Workshop (San Francisco) (2000)
International Dispute Resolution Centre conference (Dublin) (2002)
    Member, Large Complex Case Program Panel of Arbitrators (1993-2002)
      LCCP Spring Meeting training (Newport Beach) (1996)
LCCP Arbitrator Retreat and Training Seminar (Scottsdale) (1999)
  Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association
    Founding Member (1997) and Member, Board of Directors (1998)
CIDRA Roster of Approved Arbitrators and Mediators (1998)
  International Bar Association
    Section on Business Law, Committee D (Procedures for Settling Disputes) (1988)
  American Bar Association
    Section on Dispute Resolution (1990)
  Center for Public Resources Institute for Dispute Resolution, renamed (in 2005)
  CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
    Participant in winter and spring meetings (including training) (1988-2002)
Member, CPR Panel of Neutrals (1988- 2007)
CPR Fellow (Chicago) (1992-96)
Mediation Training (1994)
  Dispute Resolution Research Center at J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

Member, Advisory Board (1990- )

  Harvard Law School
    Negotiation Training (Prof. Robert Mnookin) (Rome 1998)
  ADR Chambers International (Toronto)
    Panel of Neutrals (2001- )
  Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc. (Chicago)
    Panel of Neutrals (2002- )
  College: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico; 1951-55
B.B.A. (with distinction), 1955
  Legal: University of Oxford, England; 1955-57 (Rhodes Scholar)
B.A. in Jurisprudence, 1957; M.A., 1961
    Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; 1960-62
J.D., 1962
Pro Bono Activities and CLE:
  Teaching: International Commercial Arbitration to Judges and Lawyers in Mongolia
    (USAID financed through National Center for State Courts) (2004)
  Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation
    Co-Founder (1964) and Volunteer Attorney
Advisory Board (1983-96) (chairman, 1986-91)
  Author and speaker for numerous CLE programs (including IBA, ABA, ALI-ABA, PLI, NERA, Matthew Bender and Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin State CLE)
  ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education (1985-91; 1992-2005 )
Honors and Continuing Professional / Pro Bono Work:
  Appointed Honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) (1994) in recognition of work for Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
  Designated "Distinguished Friend of Oxford" by Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University (1998) (in first group to receive this honor)
  Association of American Rhodes Scholars
    Member, Board of Direction (1990- )
Secretary (1994-98)
President (1998-2006)
  International Bar Association
    Honorary Life Member of IBA (2002)
    General Professional Programme Committee (Co-chairman 1996-2004)
    Public and Professional Interest Division (formerly Section on Legal Practice)
      Council member 1994-2000
      Honorary Life Member of Section (2000)
    International Bar Association Foundation, Inc. (USA)
      Trustee (1989- )
      Secretary (1997- )
  John Marshall Law School (Chicago)
    Advisory Board, Center for International Business and Trade Law (2000-2005)
  University of New Mexico Anderson Schools of Management
    National Advisory Board (Member 1999- )
    Hall of Fame -- Distinguished Alumnus Award (2000)
  University of New Mexico Alumni Association
    Erna S. Fergusson Alumni Award of Distinction (2003)
Personal: United States Citizen
Born September 15, 1933 in St. Paul, Minnesota
Married December 28, 1963 to Barbara A. Bauman of West Bend, Wisconsin
Three daughters (all with graduate professional degrees)
Five grandchildren
June 2, 2008

Supplement to Resumé re Dispute Resolution Practice

Note: Conducted under rules of appointing authority as noted, including ICC International Court of Arbitration, CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, and American Arbitration Association (Commercial Arbitration Rules including Supplementary Procedures for Large, Complex Disputes and International Arbitration Rules):
  Ferretti Studio, et al. v. Eurocos Cosmetic, et al. (ICC No. 12256/ACS) (2003)
  Industrial Power Products, et al. v. Ford Motor Company (non-administered; CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, No. G-02-44) (alleged breach of contract re drives for conveyors in automotive plants) (2003) (sole arbitrator)
  Diversified Refrigeration, Inc. v. G E Appliances (non-administered; CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, No. G-02-37) (issues under Product Sourcing Contract) (2002-03)
  Office Max Inc. v. Gateway Companies, Inc. (National Arbitration Forum, No. FA0110000100249) (issues under Master License Agreement) (2002-03) (sole arbitrator)
  Dartnell Enterprises, Inc. v. Compaq Computer Corp. (non-administered; CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution) (issues under a Release and Settlement Agreement pertaining to an underlying distribution and reseller agreement, including lost business opportunities and lost profits) (2002)
  Roger L. Fix v. Quantum Industrial Partners, et al. (AAA No. 50 T 116 00250 01) (issues of arbitrability under CEO’s employment agreement) (2001) (sole arbitrator)
  Dr. Glenn C. Rice v. Cytokine Pharmasciences, Inc. (AAA No. 75 Y 116 00002 01) (claim under contract concerning ownership of technology) (2001)
  Robert Bosch Corporation, et al. v. Quadion Corporation (AAA No. 50 T 181 00510 00) (claims in respect of purchase order contracts for the sale of goods) (2001) (panel chairman)
  Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom (Illinois) v. Michael Adams Zurawin and Adams Brush Mfg. Co. (AAA No. 51 Y 194 00058 00) (claim under contingent fee agreement) (2001)
  H. C. Price Company v. Alliance Pipeline L.P. (AAA No. 50 T 110 00236 00) (claim under Pipeline Construction Contract) (2000-02) (sole arbitrator)
  Decorative Surfaces International v. International Trading & Assisting Co. (CIAC) (AAA No. 50 T 181 00128 00) (claim under Exclusive Agency and Representation Agreement) (2000-01) (sole arbitrator)
  Web Styles LLC and Nexiv LLC v. LBA and Associates Systems Consultants, Inc. and Richard G. Arns (AAA No. 51 117 00056 00) (claim under Referral Agreement) (2000) (sole arbitrator)
  American Automobile Association, Inc. v. Customer Insight Company and Experian Information Solutions, Inc. (AAA No. 51 Y 117 00299 99) (claim under Master Contract for computer services) (2000) (panel chairman)
  Blanchard & Co., Inc. v. Heritage Capital Corporation (Dallas) (AAA No. 71 148 00517 98) (claim under supply contract) (1999-2000)
  CSC Consulting, Inc. v. Goss Graphic Systems, Inc. (non-administered) (claim under contract for computer system services) (1999-2000)
  Niemann Foods, Inc. v. Ferd E. Niemann, Jr. (AAA No. 51 168 00201 98) (claim under Agreement re stock ownership) (1998-99) (sole arbitrator)
  James Investment Company, et al. v. Roy G. Klehm, et al. (AAA No. 51 Y 115 00480 97) (claim under real estate sales contract) (1998-99) (sole arbitrator)
  Buck Forkardt v. Logansport Machine Co., Inc., et al. (AAA No. 51 T 489 0033J 97) (claim under asset purchase agreement) (1998) (sole arbitrator)
  Global Tel*Link Corporation v. Telular Corporation (AAA No. 51 Y 181 00382 97) (claim under supply agreement) (1997-98) (sole arbitrator)
  Illinois Central Corporation v. Electric Energy, Inc. (AAA No. 51 Y 199 00359 95) (determination of rights under coal transportation contract) (1995-96)
  Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. v. Michigan State University (AAA No. 76 Y 133 00049 95) (determination of rights of parties following termination of Agreement in respect of intellectual property) (1995-98)

Softech Financial, a division of Banker Leasing Association, Inc. v. Curtis Mathes (AAA No. 51 181 00321 95) (claims under Master Lease Agreement in respect of hardware/software) (1995-96) (panel chairman)

  Arden Group, Inc. and AMG Holdings, Inc. fka Telautograph Corporation v. Danka Industries, Inc. and Danka Business Systems PLC (AAA No. 51 181 00011 94) (claim under purchase contract for amounts due) (1994-97)
  Bombardier, Inc. v. William P. Lear Family Trust (AAA No. 51 T 199 00512 91) (Canadian aircraft manufacturer's claim re royalties due under license agreement) (1994-95)
  Peter F. Zimmerman v. MC Baldwin Financial Co., et al. (AAA No. 51 116 00139 93) (claim under employment agreement against Japanese - U.S. commodities trading firm) (1994) (panel chairman)
  Sofragraf Unifix, Inc. v. Donald T. Holz, Trustee (AAA No. 51 145 00022 93H) (French manufacturer's claim for breach of purchase contract) (1994) (panel chairman)
  Accura Technology Corp. v. Bonaventure (Europe) Inc., et al. (AAA No. 51T 133 0272 90M) (claim of Swiss corporation under technology license agreement) (1991) (sole arbitrator)
  Southern Security Life Insurance Co. v. Pride-Tech, Inc., et al. (AAA No. 51 117 0143 90M) (claim under license agreement) (1991) (panel chairman)
  John Vincent Walsh v. Grant Thornton (AAA No. 51 180 0136 89P) (claim under partnership agreement) (1990) (panel chairman)
  LaSalle National Bank, as Trustee v. United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. and Finalco, Inc. (No. 90 C 3188, N.D. Ill.) (U.S. District Court, Chicago) (contract claim for telecommunications equipment lease payments; settlement achieved) (1994)
  Joseph D. Wolgel v. Russell N. Demaray (No. 93 M1 170813, Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois) (claim for lawyer's fees with counterclaim alleging lawyer malpractice) (1996)
Hearing Officer

Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL: Medical Peer Review hearings before Judicial Review Committee appointed under Hospital’s Medical Staff Bylaws (1999; 2002)

March 10, 2003